Rebate Management

You want to install a system that increases operational efficiency and visibility while reducing energy consumption, but that price tag… 

Fret not, because we’ll help you implement energy-saving solutions at a fraction of the cost.

How do we reduce costs?

  • Utilize financial incentives that may cover up to 40% of the installed costs
  • Find zero-interest or low-interest financing options
  • Clients often qualify for rebates for up to 30% of the cost
  • Upgrades to facility lighting systems often deliver 25-35% energy usage reductions with a payback of two-three years.

It’s also important to consider that your monthly expenses will be reduced after replacing inefficient, outdated equipment, and you’ll see how this upfront investment provides a significant ROI.

We’ll find the rebates and other financial incentives to make implementing new energy solutions a viable option, which lets you get back to business knowing we’ve got you covered.