Project Management

G4C Enterprises serves clients across all sectors of commerce, from industrial to medical, hospitality to retail. Regardless of where your company falls in that spectrum, we find ways for our clients to meet increased energy demands while ensuring a secure, reliable energy supply.

Managing Retrofits and New Builds

Upfront and ongoing expenses are a real concern whether you’re updating an older facility or building a new one from scratch. This is where experience and skill are needed most, as choosing the wrong entity to oversee the project can lead to costly mistakes your company may never recover from.

Your budget is our budget, your priorities are our priorities, and we maintain them with strict oversight and management to ensure project success.

What's Involved in Project Management?

Energy Market Analysis

Profitability Analysis

Environmental Site Assessments

Energy Project Financing

Our Process:

  • Review project plans and timeline, gather information
  • Evaluate industry regulations and policies
  • Assess energy prices & terms
  • Determine operational challenges and solutions
  • Determine annual energy production and losses
  • Estimate renewable energy revenue and cost
  • Determine energy storage requirements and equipment lifecycles/mitigation measures
  • Review bid structure
  • Create customized strategy to maximize savings while ensuring company goals
  • Provide action steps and roadmap