Project Engineering

The Goal: Design operationally-efficient facilities while minimizing environmental impact and ensuring financial sustainability.

No matter the industry or company, our work revolves around these goals:

  • enhance system infrastructure
  • reduce energy
  • generate on-site energy from traditional or renewable sources
  • provide financial solutions backed by a performance guarantee

Single Point Solutions

From initial design to project turnover, we do it all from start to finish.

Vendor Neutrality

With no ties to any one vendor or manufacturer, we recommend solutions based solely on our client's needs.

Internal Technical Resources

100% of project engineering and management is delivered in-house.

Our process:

  • conduct a site visit to create a mechanical & electrical plan of your building.
  • develop a project plan, typically involving retrofits and energy efficiency improvements
  • analyze energy consumption data
  • conduct energy efficiency technical audits, feasibility studies, and turnkey project reports
  • oversee the planning/implementation of your project